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Video: Van Malone and Chad Morris pranked the SMU DBs with a drill yesterday

The SMU defensive backs came out to practice yesterday to a strange request from defensive coordinator Van Malone.

Malone told a few of his guys that their hips have been "just a little bit off" in their backpedal, or that they're "just not opening their hips when it's time to turn and run," so to get a better feel on how to correct it, they needed to put on a GoPro. That part isn't strange, but where they had to wear it was.

"Have you ever wore a g-string before?" Malone asked before players slipped the GoPro harness on like an awkward pair of underwear and proceeded to backpedal and open their hips.

They should have known it was coming because it was April 1st yesterday, but that just goes to show you what kind of pull Van Malone already has with his new group of guys after just a few months on the job.

Malone is known as quite the jokester, but something tells me that next time won't be as easy.