The University of La Verne is one of only a small handful of Division III programs in the state. La Verne also recently hosted another rarity; a college president who is willing to put the pads on and join the football team on the practice field.

Did I mention that the president at La Verne is a female?

Shortly after practice started, university president Devorah Lieberman strutted out on the field and head coach Chris Krich blew the whistle to bring the team in. He then explained that they would be teaching president Lieberman how to field a punt.

It started off small, with just a game of catch between Krich and Lieberman, but then expanded to a mini-punt where Lieberman got a few tries to wrangle in a punt.

Before leaving, Lieberman left the team with some parting wisdom.

“People who win never, ever, phone it in. They never show up and say ‘I’m just going to be mediocre.’ Winners on the field, winners in the classroom, and winners in life say ‘I’m going to work harder than anyone else, and I’m going to work harder than I’ve ever worked before every single time that I come on the field, or every time I go to class.'”

“I expect you to be the best. Living our values, doing our best, and doing whatever it takes to be the best. I’m here today because I believe in you, and I believe that you are the best.

While the performance portion of practice may not have gone exactly how Lieberman would have liked, she succeeded in providing an experience that the team will not soon forget, and left them knowing that they have her full support as an administrator.