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Video: Watch some defensive game film with Rex Ryan

This morning, someone tweeted out a video of Rex Ryan breaking down some game film among players.

As a coach, I can never get enough of this kind of stuff. Not only do you get quality X and O material, but you also get to see how an accomplished NFL coach / coordinator communicates with his guys in the film room.

For all intents and purposes, the film looks to be from Ryan's days with the Baltimore Ravens. In the clip, Ryan talks about the importance of defensive lineman eating up blocks to keep the linebackers free. The play-side defensive end tried to shed a block to make a tackle, and Ryan barks at him, "now he should have taken that blocker so his teammates could make the tackle, but he's trying to make the Pro Bowl it looks like.

(Be warned, the language is exactly what you'd expect from Ryan behind closed doors with NFL players, so adjust your volume accordingly).

It will be interesting to see Ryan's adjustment from coach to on-air analyst and personality this fall.

Film study with Rex Ryan

— GipsySafety (@GipsySafety)

Film study with Rex Ryan

— GipsySafety (@GipsySafety) May 24, 2017

">May 24, 2017