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Video: Watch how Northwestern took ESPN's bulletin board material and turned it into their fuel

The turnaround that is underway at Northwestern from 3-9 last year to their 5-0 start to 2020 may have its fair share of doubters at first, but their win against Wisconsin last weekend demonstrated that they are for real, and how they won - matching the Badgers physicality - was very impressive.

"Bulletin board material" is a term that probably gets tossed around more than necessary, but you could make a real case for how a comment from an ESPN analyst leading up to their game against the Badgers was embraced and used as fuel to help propel them to a win.

The comment came from Joey Galloway on ESPN during the week leading up to their game against Wisconsin. "I've been watching Northwestern play, and honestly, they've got a bunch of Rece Davis' out there running around," Galloway shared, fully intended to be a slight to the Wildcats.

Northwestern recently shared a beautifully put together video of practices after that comment was made, illustrating how players embraced that comment from Galloway and turned into fuel.

It's clear that the team, from players all the way up to head coach Pat Fitzgerald, embraced the comment in a really unique way, starting at practices.

The video ends with some highlights of the Wildcats flying around and making plays against the Badgers before cutting to a jubilant locker room scene before you hear Fitz say "I'm looking at a bunch of bad ass Rece Davis'!"

Take a look.