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Video: Watch how Nick Saban addresses mental toughness at their first practice.

Nick Saban has a knack for creating and developing some of, not only the most physically, but also some of the most mentally tough players and teams in recent college football memory.

After their first practice, Saban talked a bit about creating that mental edge, and why he wasn't necessarily mad or surprised that some of his guys showed up without the mental toughness that is soon going to be demanded of them.

"This drill we did here - condition by position - half the guys didn't do the drill right because you couldn't finish. Because you mentally gave in. 'I'm hurt,' or 'I'm tired,' and you convince yourself that you can't run anymore."

"This is the very thing that everyone needs to understand, about your breaking point. How much can you withstand? How far can you push yourself?"

"Look, I'm glad that it happened. I expected it to happen. But this was a good start for a first practice, but everybody has to challenge themselves to push it to the next level so that we can increase our mental toughness and discipline to sustain."

"Everybody here knows, 'When did I fall out today?' Maybe not fall out of practice physically, but when did you fall out of practice mentally? That is the sign of your toughness."

See his full address to the team below.