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Video: See the work behind building Oregon's throwback helmets

Like ripping open a scab that has been covered for 20 years, Oregon is busting out their 1994 throwback unis for their game against Washington on Saturday, in an effort to commemorate the 20th anniversary of "The Pick" against the Huskies.

Yesterday we had an article showing off some pics of what the unis will look like, and now we have a behind the scenes look at how Oregon put together the throwback helmet.

Each individual helmet takes about 15 minutes to completely build. In total there are about 105 players who need their helmets prepared, and 9 or 10 equipment guys doing the work. The crew can normally knock out a helmet project like this is four or five hours.

Football equipment administrator Ken Farr adds that Oregon goes through about 6 helmet changes per year, but this is the first one that has required them to build the helmet basically from scratch.