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Video: Watch this six-year old diagnose and call out formations and coverages watching live game

How cool would you find it if you could take your son or daughter to a game as spectators, and have them verbalize your coaching thought process each snap? Some coaches would get a real kick out of that, while some others would probably worry about the questions they'd get after from their little ones while tucking them in at night about their offensive or defensive strategy they observed hours earlier.

Here, the six-year old daughter of Lorne Park HS (Ontario, Canada) offensive coordinator Ben Grant is sitting at a CFL game between the Argonauts and the Alouettes, and impressively rattles off diagnoses of the offensive formations, and defensive schemes and coverage using perfect coaching terminology like "3-Cloud."

She literally verbalizes the thoughts that so many of us have when trying to watch games as fans, surely because coach Grant has helped her see the game as he does as a play caller, and she's taken it and really run with it.

How cool is this?