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Video: Wazzu introduces "The Smartest Device" featuring Mike Leach mini home device

Imagine being able to say "Hey Mike Leach," just like those with Amazon smart devices do, but instead of getting relevant search results you instead got an outside-the-box answer from Mike Leach.

That's the creative approach that Washington State took with their latest commercial push for fans to buy football tickets - an Alexa-type smart home device in the image of Leach you can fire questions at and get Leach-type answers in return.

Imagine being able to ask Leach his go-to call on 4th-and-1, or the finer points of mesh or four verst. Or maybe you'd choose to ask about the biggest misconception about Gerinomo or pirates. Or ask him to share some notes from that counter-insurgency and football class he just wrapped up teaching.

Those are just scratching the surface of the possibilities...

Gotta give Washington State some credit for creativity, and something tells me there's a actually a demographic out there that would eat this up if someone could create the real thing.

It would be a whole lot of fun for sure.