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Inside Nebraska's strength program: "We're a different breed. This is Nebraska, baby!"


Nebraska did a really nice job putting together this look at the new strength program under new head strength and conditioning coach Mark Philipp. Philipp spent last season as an assistant strength coach at USC, and was on the Oregon State strength staff a few seasons before that.

The clip goes over his approach in the weight room, why he loves what he does for a living, and the high regard he has for Nebraska football.

"We're a different breed. This is Nebraska, baby." he tells a group of guys before starting their workout.

"I think it's super important to have five different strength coaches to help the kids out because everyone sees things a little different." Philipp explains a little later in the clip. "We're all pretty versatile in programming, and Olympic weight lifting."

"That's the fun part of my job. I get to come in and do this and watch these kids grow. There are a lot of things that I look forward to, but I definitely look forward to tomorrow and seeing them again, and training them, and pushing them...that's what I look forward to."