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Wisconsin sends message to top in state talent with 'Winning from Within' video

Ever since Barry Alvarez took over Wisconsin back in 1990, an emphasis was placed on keeping the best talent in Wisconsin playing football in Madison. It's a philosophy that has trickled down to Bret Bielema during his time leading the Badgers, and is definitely a priority for Gary Andersen as well.

Taking a quick look at their current roster shows that of the 92 players that they have listed, 64 of them are from within the state lines. That's an impressive 70% of their roster makeup coming from Wisconsin. If I had to guess, I'd say that easily falls among the top 10 in the FBS.

In order to showcase that proud tradition that started with Barry Alvarez, Wisconsin released a highlight called "Winning from Within" that showcases the talented guys they've managed to keep in state to play their college ball.

It's a rather simple video, but it sends a crystal clear message to the top in state talent.