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Video: Will Muschamp asks players, "Early morning workout or Waffle House?"

The meeting room at South Carolina was already setting the tone for a high energy morning workout with some loud music when Will Muschamp walked in armed with a surprise for his guys.

Muschamp asked his team, "We can either run progressives, we can run fifths, OR" he added before pulling out Waffle House's signature head wear, "...we can go upstairs and eat Waffle House."

There should be no question what players chose, and the room erupted in cheers.

Upstairs waiting for them, the coaching staff had Waffle House catered in, complete with chicken and waffles, and an omelette station.

It's always good to see staffs surprise a team that's been grinding all off season with a treat like this. Nice work South Carolina.

When the team thinks they have a tough workout ... but @CoachWMuschamp has a surprise instead! 😂

— Gamecock Athletics (@GamecocksOnline) February 24, 2017