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Video: "Your worth is not tied to football"

As part of the #ChangingTheNarrative movement, Rachel Baribeau took some time to talk to Baylor's football team during a team meeting and touched on some important issues facing today's athlete's, and coaches that lead the young men of this great game.

"You don't have to nod your head, and you don't have to blink at me, but I know that there are men in this room that have been told their whole life that your whole worth is tied to football. Well, it is not," she opens the video by telling players.

"I am here to tell you something completely different. Football is a platform. Football is a vehicle for you to change the world. Football is your own vehicle to find your own person, your own thing that sets your soul on fire."

As coaches we can firmly wra our arms around that concept, but for players on their journey to becoming a man it is an ,important reminder we, as coaches and leaders, shouldn't take for granted.

Baribeau went on to talk about her K + Q shirt (meaning King + Queen) she was wearing around campus today, and how players should be focused on being a King in everything that they do, on and off the field.

Take a closer look at her message in the full video.

Truly inspired by @RachelBaribeau’s

— Baylor Football (@BUFootball) June 22, 2017