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Video: You've never seen a game end quite like this

Texas Lutheran defeated Louisiana College 38-32 on Saturday after the Bulldogs fended off Louisiana College as the Wildcats marched to the five-yard line with 6.9 seconds to play. How they got there, though, is wild.

When our play-by-play man on the scene throws in the line of , "Correct interpretation of the rules hasn't really been a mantra of the game," it makes me feel like we need to see the entire game.

Unfortunately for Louisiana College, a poorly timed miscommunication had doomed the Wildcats whether or not head coach Dennis Dunn ran on the field.

"We were out of timeouts… (Quarterback Easton Melancon) was running up to spike it, and it was fourth down," Dunn said following the game. "We could not spike it at that point. I was just trying to get his attention to not spike it. He was gonna spike it and game over. It was an end of the game situation where you practice those things, but you never think they're going to come back to bite you."

(HT @D3Football)

Watch the final sequence play out here, with comments from Dunn.