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Video: Zero stars. Zero offers. Awarded the #0 and a #ScholarshipAlert

Back in April, the NCAA Playint Rules Oversight Panel announced that college football players would be permitted to wear #0 for the first time.

Enter Geoff Collins, who reserved the single digit numbers for players who earned the right to wear them dating back to his time as the head coach at Temple. Collins and his staff at Georgia Tech have brought that same approach to the Atlanta.

At the end of a recent practice, Collins prepared to present the #0 to a player. Come to find out, the number couldn't have been more fitting. Why? That player happened to be a 0-star player coming out of high school. That player çame out of high school with zero scholarship offers and walked on as Georgia Tech.

You can probably sense where this is heading.

...not only does Collins award defensive tackle Djimon Brooks with the single digit number, but he also awards him with a scholarship.

See the full moment below.