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Videos: A first look at some of the best Super Bowl LII commercials [Wednesday Update]

For the past few season leading up to the Super Bowl, we try to round up some of the best Super Bowl commercials in one spot for you to take in and enjoy.

According to SI, the going rate for a 30-second plug in Super Bowl LLII will average more than $5 million. Compare that to the Game 7 of the World Series ($500K) and The Oscars ($2 million) and you can see just how popular professional football in America is.

Here are the best Super Bowl ads making noise so far this week, leading up to the big game.

Updates to the article will be made at the top throughout the week as they're shared via social media and the rest of the internet

1/31/18 Update:

Doritos and Mountain Dew got together for this gem

What if your favorite celebs took over for Amazon's Alexa?

If you thought an ad for avocados couldn't be entertaining, you'd be wrong

KFC getting creative

"Bleep don't stink" from Febreeze is pretty funny

Via Pringles

PETA has an interesting ad this get more folks to "Go Vegan"

Awesome ad from Budweiser, and they're not even trying to sell you their beer in it (at least directly)

Another feel-good ad from Stella

Lexus and the upcoming Black Panther film have teamed up for an ad

Coaches with daughters will enjoy this one

M&M's featuring Danny DeVito

Interesting ad from Groupon

Here's a teaser for Amazon Alexa's ad

Diet Coke will air their first Super Bowl ad in nearly two decades

Lastly, this one isn't THE ad, but a good look behind how Kraft is putting together an ad that you can play a part in from Kraft