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Videos: The Jaguars staff break down a RPO, gap run, zone run and Cover 1 and 2 in new Summer School series

There are a few college programs out there, and the SEC and Big Ten Networks in particular and Gruden's old QB Camp deal, that do a really nice job of opening up their doors and sitting down with coaches on staff to go over some Xs and Os. It's something I wish every program would do

I know I'm not alone when I say that I'm guilty of having my DVR set for every SEC Film Room session there is and that I look forward to it more than a new Game of Thrones or Walking Dead episode.

The Jaguars have put a series together the past few days called Summer School where a different coach on staff breaks down a simple concept they use, and while the concepts may be basic, they share some of their own unique coaching points on the play that will perk up the ears of a lot of coaches out there.

The series covers everything from an RPO concept, to gap and zone schemes on offense and so far cover 1 and 2 have been covered on defense and they go from explaining it on film, to drawing it up..

Below are each of those clips, starting with the offensive ones with coaches Tyrone Wheatley (RBs) and Nathaniel Hackett (OC).


Run-Pass Option with OC Nathaniel Hackett

Tyrone Wheatley on their gap scheme

Tyrone Wheatley on a zone run


Defensive coordinator Todd Walsh on cover 2

Defensive coordinator Todd Walsh on cover 1