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Videos: Michigan, Rutgers, and a number of other programs are taking #TheRunningManChallenge viral


Every few months it seems like sports help a dance move go viral. Over the past few years we've seen Frank Beamer participate in The Harlem Shake, and more recently we've witnessed Rich Rod, Temple, and some pee-wee players do the Nae-Nae, and then the craze moved on to The Dab.

Now, thanks to a few Maryland basketball players who seemed to have started the ball rolling, the latest trend is "The Running Man," where people are taking "My Boo" - a song released almost two decades ago by The Ghost Town DJs- and putting a modern, fun spin on the running man dance move that can only be summed up as a "swaggertastic prance".

The sensation has reached from college basketball, to the NBA, and now college football programs are also taking it on.

Michigan's is one of the videos that has taken social media by storm, and they're clearly having quite a bit of fun with it, even surprising Jay Harbaugh with it by storming into his office announced.

Rutgers set theirs up pretty nicely and had some fun with it

Here is Cal's version

Marshall has also got in on the action

Here is Fordham's version

Then there's this one from Widener

Georgia Southern is also taking part

Here's a recap of some of the best Running Man Challenges from around sports

Lake Forest (D-III - IL) had some fun with theirs too

Side note: This may be the only dance craze I could actually execute.