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Videos: Temple's Rocky workout and Ball State's 300-themed session

Earlier this week we noted that Temple was embracing their Philadelphia history and taking workouts to the iconic steps that Rocky was filmed.

Well here's a glimpse of what that Rocky-themed workout looked like #ToughGuysOnly.

What's more Philadelphia than this? 🥊#RockyWorkout#theSTANDARD


— Temple Football (@Temple_FB) June 29, 2017

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Ball State was having a unique workout of their own where they used a great movie as inspiration, using 300 to inject a bit of fun into their workout.

For their power clean day, the Rams set up a "Leonidas" rack for guys ready to clean 3-bills or more.

Right there are just two great examples of ways that college football programs are spicing things up in the weight room for their guys. Find ways to do the same for your guys.