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Videos: West Virginia brawls WWE Wrestle Mania style in the locker room

A handful of West Virginia players decided to band together for some fun in the locker room yesterday, and what better way to have some good old fashioned fun than to reenact some WWE Wrestle Mania?

Make of it what you want, these guys are just creatively finding a way to unwind after practice, and entertaining the masses in the process.

In The Rematch video below, Holgorsen appears out of nowhere and top turnbuckles one of the players, stands and rips his shirt off to reveal a sweet ass red bull tat across his chest and the players go nuts props start to get involved in the quest to reclaim The Belt, and nothing within reach is off limits. Everything from aluminum garbage cans to the laundry bins get involved.

A small suggestion for the next WVU edition of Wrestlemania though for the sake of everyone; get Mountaineer video extraordinaire DougityDog there to capture the footage so he can put his own spin on it (like this). It's a much better approach than the amateur footage look.

(H/T RedditCFB)