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Virginia Tech is putting up a Frank Beamer statue outside Lane Stadium where no detail is overlooked

Virginia Tech announced last night that they will be unveiling a very fitting tribute to former head coach Frank Beamer about three hours before kickoff on Saturday.

Beamer was the face of Virginia Tech football for nearly three decades, taking over the program in 1987 before stepping away in 2015 with an overall record of 238-121-2, including an impressive stretch from 2004-2011 where he won double-digit games every season.

The fact that a statue is going up outside the stadium in his honor was a foregone conclusion to most, and it's great to see it get done so quickly while coach Beamer and his family can still enjoy it, but what really caught my attention in the release from the school was some of the details that are going into the statue.

For example, Beamer's bronze likeness won't be perched on a pedestal, because, well, that's not how he coached, or lived his life.

From the release:

"Unlike other monuments honoring iconic figures, this tribute to Beamer will be devoid of any pedestal and will be very approachable just like the man who was taught the values of hard work and loyalty on his family's farm in rural Fancy Gap, Virginia.

Beamer's coaching likeness will be accompanied by a bench where admirers can easily take a photo or spend a moment reflecting on their favorite Virginia Tech moment. Moody Plaza is already a popular gathering spot on campus and will provide additional reason for Hokies of all ages to congregate here. 'We are all in this together,' has always been a favorite mantra of Beamer, and no doubt he will be pleased that this location will continue to bring the Virginia Tech family together."

That's a really cool way to pay homage to a coaching icon who dedicated so much of his life to the football program and Virginia Tech community.

Bravo VT.

Head here to read the full release.