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"If you wait until game week to prepare for an option offense, you don't have a chance"

One of the advantages of being a flexbone option team is that you typically give opposing defenses just a week to prepare for the unique offensive scheme.

While that may be true to a large extent at the high school level, many defensive coaches at the college level have begun preparing earlier and earlier to make sure they can play sound, assignment football against the option.

This weekend, Larry Fedora and his North Carolina staff will take on Georgia Tech and Paul Johnson's team. So how long has UNC been preparing for the triple option? Defensive coordinator John Papuchis shared that their prep as a defensive staff started back in the summer.

"We always spend extra time as a staff doing it, so there was about a week in the summer that we worked on it together as a staff, and I made sure thatt all of the coaches here are up to speed on how I think we needed to attack it."

"Then, throughout the course of the year, we visit it intermittently, because this is so different. If you wait for the game week to start getting ready, it would be really difficult and I don't think you'd have a chance."

It will be interesting to see how the extra prep time will help the Tar Heels defense on Saturday. Kickoff is set for noon ET at Bobby Dodd Stadium.