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Wake Forest players plead for a season in powerful #WeWantToPlay video

If you were to encapsulate the entire college football weekend into one 2-minute video, this would be it.

Players, with pads on their shoulders and masks on their faces, arguing for a chance to play. Saying they're on that field because they want to be, not because anyone made them. Talking about how they've done everything asked of them off the field to make this historic, and potentially doomed, season a reality.

And there in the middle is Wake Forest president Nathan Hatch, talking to his team and praising their efforts, their sacrifice.

Even though players are doing all they can, it is Hatch and his colleagues who will ultimately decide if this season is played. Hopefully, his presence at Wake's Monday practice is a sign of better things to come.

And while no one wants to read too much into a simple hashtag, it's hard to ignore Wake Forest's official football account using the #WeWantToPlay language in a video that includes the president -- a hashtag that was born out of desperation to convince Big Ten presidents not to cancel their season.

A simple coincidence, or a subtle line in the sand from one Power 5 school to another?