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Wake Forest's off season draft has something never before seen in CFB

©2006 Wake Forest University Office of Creative Services. Photo by Ken Bennett. All Rights Reserved. For information call 336.758.5379.

Wake Forest is one of countless college football programs around the country that held a draft of sorts to divide the team into small groups to compete over the course of the off season...except their draft kicked off with something that's never been seen before in college football off season drafts. I'm sure of it.

Even before the 30 second mark hits in this video, you start to sense that something just seems different about it.

Demon Deacons tight ends and special teams coach Adam Scheier, appointed the "Awakening Commissioner", starts the event off with a poem of sorts, delivered in the "the spoken word" form. Got to be a first right?

At one point, he went on such a roll that the team acknowledges his way with words by snapping their fingers.

After Scheier is done showing everyone how it's done, the real draft of players begins, and you've got love the custom logos and creative team names that each group came up with, especially the headhunters which features the Wake Forest mascot holding severed heads of the Duke and NC State mascots.