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Want to change the world? Dabo explains why change starts with what you're doing inside your program

Like many coaches, Dabo Swinney often uses real world current events in his Clemson program to teach his guys life lessons.

At a recent presser, Dabo was asked if he has had the opportunity to talk about the tragedy in Las Vegas with his players, and Swinney provided an answer that all coaches and parents can really appreciate.

"What the country wants, and what a lot of people want, we have right here. I see it every day. I see people that love each other, I see people that sometimes don't get along but then they put their arms around each other - they may disagree, but they're not disagreeable. I see people who serve others. I see all different types of folks, backgrounds, colors, and come to work and I see a family, and really, that's what everyone wants."

"They want love, they want respect, they want communication, they want family. It's what everyone wants, but sometimes they don't know how to articulate it, or how to quite get there. They get the wrong things in their head, and next thing you know it's just a bunch of noise and everyone's screaming and you can't hear nothing."

"My focus is building great men, right here. Keeping the main thing the main thing, and not getting distracted by a bunch of noise. But do what I know we're great at doing here, and that is equipping young people to go and kick butt in life. That is hopefully how we can create great change."

Along those same lines, Dabo ended his passionate talk by sharing more on how to change the world.

"Hopefully, through just our little role that we have in Clemson, South Carolina we can help bring some of what we have here - what I know we have here - out into the world, because I really believe that the way you change things on the outside is by what you do on the inside. Everything is about what's inside."

Hear more from Dabo in the clip, including a great nugget from Ghandi on how thoughts eventually become your destiny.