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Want your coordinators more involved on social media? Take a page from NC State


For all the programs out there that wish your coordinators were more active on social media, NC State has provided an interesting idea to put your own spin on.

After each spring practice, Wolfpack defensive coordinator Dave Huxtable is tweeting out some recognition for two #BallHawks. Junior linebacker Ernie Robinson and grayshirt corner Juston Burris took home the honors on day one.

This is a simple way to accomplish a number of things for your program via social media; it gives your coordinator's a presence on social media, it praises players who deserve recognition, and it updates your fan base on a daily basis.

The applications are nearly limitless. Whether you choose to highlight daily play makers, the most improved players, biggest hitters, or best scout team players, it's a win-win for everyone involved and takes a minimal amount of time.