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Who wants to see Les Miles act (maybe for the last time)?

In the absence of a coaching job, Les Miles, as we know, went into acting. The Mad Hatter had always been interested in the dramatic arts, evidenced by his cameo as "Oklahoma Scout #1" in the 2014 film When the Game Stands Tall about the De La Salle dynasty, his role as "Uniformed Officer" in the 2017 film Camera Obscura, and by just about any press conference performance the man had.

When he was let go midway through LSU's 2016 season and a new coaching job did not immediately appear, Miles died his hair and dove into acting full-time, or at least as full-time as a 64-year-old with little-to-zero acting experience can be.

He landed a role as Nelson in the straight-to-iTunes film The Challenger Disaster about, well, the Challenger disaster.

Later this month, Miles' second honest-to-God film role will debut, as he plays Billy in The Last Whistle. As you'll see below, the film stars Brad Leland -- of Friday Night Lights movie AND television series fame -- as a head coach struggling to move on after a player dies as a result of one of his practices.

According to news stories from earlier this year, Miles was cast as Malcolm Bea in Daisy and Smiling Jack, but his IMDb page -- yes, Les Miles has his own IMDb page -- makes no mention of that role, and the film's page doesn't list him either.

It seems Les is too busy to act now that he's got a day job again.