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The Washington Football Team has a new name

At least people will stop calling them "the Football Team."

The Washington football team is no longer the Washington Football Team.

The club formerly known as the Washington Redskins on Wednesday formally rebranded itself as the Washington Commanders. In the parlance of our times, it comes ready-made with a new hashtag: #TakeCommand.

In typical, uh, Washington Commanders fashion, the name actually leaked last night when a DC news station captured a "Commanders" banner from a helicopter on Tuesday night.

As you can see below, the uniforms will go mostly unchanged -- with one exception.

The team put numbers on the helmets when the Redskins name was retired, an unintended but ingenious change. The numbers are now gone in favor of the club's W logo. 

And, as you'll see below, the Commanders will arrive with a new, all-black alternate -- complete with a small W on the front of the helmet?

What do you think?