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Washington has decided on a name change...for now

While it seems like weeks ago, Washington formally (and finally) announced their intention to move on from the Redskins nickname just ten days ago now.

While there has been no shortage of speculation regarding what the next team name the franchise will carry (largely centering on either the Red Tails to honor the Tuskegee Airmen or the Warriors), the team made an announcement today on what their full team name will entail moving forward, as well as the necessary changes that have been made to their uniforms.

Until a new name is officially decided on, Washington will be temporarily be known simply as "The Washington Football Team."

On the uniforms, their color scheme will remain the same, but gone are the Redskins logos on the sides of their helmets. Those have been replaced with numbers on the sides of the helmet.

A number of players have shared edits of them in the new look uniforms and helmets to help build the hype.