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Washington State has hired every coach's favorite viral TikTok star

Back in April, when the country was beginning to realize just how dangerous the COVID pandemic was and probably well before we all realized how long it was going to take to get back to a sense of normalcy, Marco Regalado burst onto the scene.

Back then, you may recall, we highlighted coach Regalado as "the coaching world’s viral hero of the quarantine era." We included a few of his videos below the article.

After a few videos performing cover songs, he shifted his content focus to football, and that is when his account really took off and took on a life of its own. He's had a handful of his videos go viral, with some of the more popular ones being absolutely hilarious. His content has provided so many smiles and laughs among the coaching community in the last several months.

In his unique, signature way, Regalado used his touch to announce he was leaving his post as an assistant at Eaton HS (TX)and had taken a position on Nick Rolovich's staff at Washington State. Before Eaton, he was an assistant at PSJA Memorial HS (TX). See his tweet below.

Regalado's role with the program will be as a recruiting assistant.

It should come as no surprise that the program that sees a tremendous amount of value in Regalado's work ethic and perspective also just happens to be the same one where the head coach was known for making waves on social media with a rather outside-the-box approach dressing up in a top hat and tuxedo for their spring game one year, and bringing a Britney Spears lookalike along with him to their media day event in 2018, which was a follow up to bringing an Elvis impersonator the year before. What a great opportunity for Regalado, and here's another example of Rolo, once again, thinking ahead in a unique way. The message the hire sends to unique content creators that connect with today's high school kids cannot, and should not, be overlooked. I can picture it now. Nick Rolovich is having a recruiting day on campus in Pullman in the near future, and all of the prospects recognize Regalado from his TikToks and an immediate connection and memory is made. I know I'm not alone in being naturally curious as to what kind of content coach Regalado will make moving forward in this new role. ">