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Watch players channel their inner Gundy, Green, and Saban after epic weight room clash


Having an offense vs. defense weight room battle is quite common during the off season, it's a great way to have some fun and spice things up for the players who have been grinding for months.

Taking the footage and making it into a production like this is another story though.

Last week the two sides of the ball battled it out in the weight room with the defense winning the competitions in a clean sweep of 3 events to the offenses zero. This clip is the offense's chance at redemption...while the defense looks to build step two of their weight room dynasty.

The pre-event build up is solid, featuring the SID (Paul Smith) and director of university relations (Sam Strasner), but the really good stuff is at the end when the "head coaches" of each side of the ball take the podium and channel their inner Nick Saban, Dennis Green, and Mike Gundy.