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Watch the B1G mascots dancing parody of "Shake it Off"

The "Harlem Shake" brought the parody YouTube movement to the forefront of basically every college, and high school, campus a few years ago now (thank goodness that has passed), and it's no secret that Big Ten Mascots have never been ones to shy away from some fun and shameless self-promotion.

With that said, here's their latest attempt at creating an internet sensation.

Using Taylor Swift's super-catchy "Shake it Off" ballad, Big Ten mascots can be seen in this clip dancing all around their respective campus', genuinely enjoying themselves.

I may be biased, but I have to say Sparty kind of steals the show here (plus he's constantly surrounded by good looking college girls). Bucky Badger and Herky the Hawkeye do nice jobs as well.

Mascots from Purdue, Nebraska, Rutgers, and Minnesota also make cameos.