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Watch: Coach O recorded a coronavirus public service announcement

When the history of the 2020 coronavirus outbreak in America is written, the NBA's suspension of its season will be the remembered as the moment the nation started taking it seriously.

Sports are that important in our culture, and if doubly so in Louisiana.

So, if you want the people of the Bayou to take the coronavirus seriously, you don't put the governor on camera. You put Coach O.

"For every winning team, a key to success is learning the playbook. That's true in football, and that's also true as we take on the coronavirus," Orgeron says. "The spread of the coronavirus is a serious matter, but there is a game plan for keeping residents as safe as possible."

With the Final Four and the College World Series officially canceled thanks to the coronavirus, LSU football will be the only men's major sport national championed crowned in the calendar year 2020.

Both of those storylines have now combined into one surreal PSA.