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Watch Dabo's speech at the White House

Dabo Swinney & his Clemson Tigers visited the White House yesterday, meeting President Trump, went to the Capital, visited a number of monuments, etc...

Following the obligatory photo ops and brief talk from the President, Dabo was asked to speak. As you will see in the video, Dabo recognizes the stage he is on, the hallowed ground on which he stands and he pays homage; but more than anything else he speaks to his players.

Dabo recognizes the special moment that this is; but he reminds them there will be other special moments "when you get married" "when you buy that first house"..."life is not about those moments, life is truly about how we live between the moments".

Dabo's message is a great listen. He challenges each man to take the core values they have learned at Clemson and to apply them in everything they do.