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Watch Frank Beamer take the ice bucket challenge like a champ


Last month the Chillin for Charity challenge took social media by storm, calling out numerous coaches (the majority of which were basketball coaches), and athletic directors. The stunt not only brought an enormous amount of attention to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, but it also served as a great platform to for one athletic director to directly challenge another to a home-and-home series.

By now you've probably seen your Facebook or Twitter feed littered with people responding the the Ice Bucket Challenge. While it's basically the same thing as Chillin for Charity, its aim is raising awareness for ALS.

That was enough to get Frank Beamer on board with the challenge, and he calls out another member of the coaching fraternity (and VT alum) in the NFL ranks.

I really hope that this the only time this season that we see that look of sheer terror that Beamer has on his face as that ice cold water comes down on him.