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Watch Herm Edwards channel his inner Top Gun as he soars (and goes inverted) with the Blue Angels

Herm Edwards was offered the rare opportunity to fly with the prestigious Blue Angels, and as someone who admittedly "likes anxiety," it was an opportunity he didn't want to pass up.

Lucky for us, cameras were there to capture Herm channeling his inner Top Gun persona as the Blue Angels took him on a ride where they reached 4 G's and also went inverted for a good bit as well.

It's become almost customary for Herm to utter a few zingers on camera since taking over at Arizona State (as this clip when he sees Arizona State's unis for the first time perfectly illustrates), and this clip is no exception. The video opens with "I'm the type of person, I like anxiety," and later on in the jet, after reaching 4 G's he regains his composure and tells the pilot, "Yeah, I can feel those G's" - which may be a good one to bookmark in the event he's able to hit some of his contract incentives come fall.

Watching Herm fly with the Blue Angels is really a treat. Enjoy.