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Watch Jon Gruden coach up a high school team in a GoPro

The profession's most infamous out of work coach, Jon Gruden, is doing his part to try and save youth football by helping out at high school programs across the country prior to the start of this season.

"We're really struggling at the grassroots level, and I wanted to offer my assistance...because I think we have a problem." Gruden notes in the first clip.

The main motivation behind Gruden's interest in getting back to the high school level is to help programs find cost-effective ways to improve their practices. Gruden teamed up with the people at GoPro to develop a series of techniques that coaches can use on a limited budget.

"Every year the budgets get smaller. They don't have enough footballs, they don't have enough pads, they don't have enough helmets, and the coaches don't get paid anything. Some teams are even abandoning football altogether, and the game is in real trouble."

"I just wanted to be as informative as possible, and stay relentless...the Gruden way."

The episode below details how Gruden, and the high school he gave a hand to, used GoPro's to gain a competitive edge.

After watching him work time after time, it's hard to believe that the last time Gruden was roaming the sidelines with a team was 2008. Just crazy.

(H/T Bleacher Report)