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Watch legendary Bill Walsh diagram and explain the play that won Super Bowl XXIII

It's not very often that one of the greatest coaches in the history of the game sits down and breaks down a play that helped them win a Super Bowl.

Thanks to this video from Zach Dunn, we can watch and listen as Bill Walsh breaks down the final scoring play that capped a 92-yard drive that won the Niners Super Bowl 23 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

With 39-seconds left, Walsh sent in the play call as "20 halfback curl X-up".

It's fascinating to see and hear a coaching legend like Walsh break down this play and hear how every single piece works in perfect unison with one another. Walsh running the west coast offense was truly an art form.

Bill Walsh diagramming the game winning pass against the Bengals in SuperBowl 23. Fascinating.

— Zach Dunn (@ZaCh_DUNN_3) December 14, 2016

Watch the entire drive, inculding that final play, unfold below.