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Watch Navy's Ken Niumatalolo roll through some tricks in a Blue Angel stunt plane

Blue Angels Investigation

Huffington Post

The Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron (which are a proud part of the US Navy) are known around the world as one of the most exciting aerobatic flight demonstration squads on earth.

Their air shows wow crowds with everything from barrel rolls, to mirror formations, to high speed passes where planes appear to be on a collision course before suddenly redirecting at the last second.

A few years back, Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo had the opportunity to ride along in one of the Blue Angels for a handful of stunts. While the clip may be from the summer of 2010, coach Nuimataololo's facial expressions during this wild ride are well worth revisiting. And, since this is the first time I've seen this clip, chances are pretty good that it's probably your first time as well.

When the googles go up, you get a much better feel for the intensity in the cockpit.

This is just crazy.