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'We aren't a goal oriented program'

The off season coaches tour is essential for every major college athletic program. It helps to rally the fan base, and from the football perspective, it is a great reminder that football season is just a few months away and the energy is already palpable.

For first year head coaches on the tour, it's about more than shaking hands and showing your face. It's also about spreading your philosophy to the fan base and program supporters.

That's exactly what James Franklin has been doing the past week. Much like Nick Saban, instead of a philosophy rooted in predetermined goals, Franklin's philosophy stems from a process.

While in York and Hershey, Franklin explained, "People ask about goals, well we're not really a goal oriented program."

"We focus on the process that it takes to be successful. So what I mean by that is that I want our guys to wake up every single morning, do a back handspring out of bed, ready to attack the day and maximize that day academically, athletically, socially, and spiritually."

"The more days that we put together like that, the Saturday's will take care of themselves."

See that and more from the entire Penn State Coaches Caravan below.