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"We have a punting crisis in our country."

What started as a nice idea of recruiting Australia for rugby players who could punt the bladder out of a football quickly turned into a small trend in college football, and has ballooned from there.

Kirk Ferentz shared during his January presser that the number of Aussie punters in college football has blossomed to 40 or more. While that certainly seems like a lot, Ferentz went as far as to refer to the number as a "crisis."

Wait, I know what you're thinking - "leave it up to a Big Ten program to talk about a punting crisis." I can't say I disagree.

To be fair, Ferentz was simply agreeing with what an analyst had said during bowl season. While talking about the opportunity to watch some extra football because of the date of their bowl game, Ferentz mentioned an analyst talking about a lack of quality high school punters being a "crisis," and while they're actively recruiting transfers and the high school ranks for punters that are a good fit, Ferentz also offered some friendly advice (at about the 1:00 minute mark.

"Somebody said that we have a punting crisis in our country, and I couldn't agree more," Ferentz shared.

"If any of you have a kid, train them to punt. Train them to punt. Forget about golf or playing offensive line...punting. That's a good future career."

See that, and more from Ferentz in the clip.