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Would you wear these boots made from footballs?

For those that follow Barstool Sports,

The haters said I wouldn't get boots made from footballs.

— chaps (@UncleChaps) September 14, 2017

" target="_blank" rel="noopener">@UncleChaps should sound familiar. The blogger and host of podcasts Zero Blog30 and Pod Fathers Show is known for his unique sense of humor and affinity for the F-bomb. Yesterday, he tweeted this photo of a boot apparently made from footballs, and I immediately starting daydreaming about coaches wearing them on the sidelines. I couldn't help myself.

I actually really like the look of these. Very fashionable, yet casual enough to wear with jeans, or your favorite pair of coaches khakis for game day.

Then my imagination started to have some fun...In a really savage move, imagine a defensive coordinator like Brent Venables, Jim Leavitt, Todd Grantham, Manny Diaz, or Don Brown's respective teams forcing four turnovers against an opponent this year, and then they take those four footballs, send them to their apparel provider, and have them make these boots in their respective size. Then, when they face that same opponent next year they trot out of the tunnel onto the field with those turnover-boots on.

It might actually require some assistance from the equipment guys to make that happen. That way, they can take the game balls, ship them to the apparel provider with the vision for the boots, and then when they come back to the facility as a finished boot, they'd just slide those turnover-boots into the coach's locker along with the rest of his game day gear.

If they're not in on it, most defensive coordinators will have some questions after noticing no other coaches are wearing boots, but, man, that would be just epic.

Uncle Chaps says an announcement on where he got the boots is around the corner, so hopefully these are real, because the possibilities are exciting to me.