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Wednesday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

Nebraska is getting some nice video board upgrades

This is insane

So true in coaching

Batmobile or new Mars rover?

Fun video from Ohio State - notice Granny walks into the facility with Michigan gear on right off the bat

BeastMode is back...keeping the censors on their toes

What? That's dedication!

The best from yesterday:

Brett Favre uses a GREAT story as a reminder to never assume that players know the terms you use

Dude Perfect – Drew Brees edition is legit

PJ Fleck: “Who wants to see your head coach wrestle a bear?”

Coach’s brother gives him an epic football-inspired best man speech

Photo: First-look at the NFL “Concussion Game Day Checklist”

Urban Meyer: Want to win games? Focus on these three things

Tuesday’s One Minute Warm Up