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Wednesday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

This is pretty cool

I'm digging the new Seahawks alternate logo

Blast from the past...also #JustSayNoToDrugs

Cool moment here...Mickelson takes the advice of a young fan

Nice video from the Colts that has driven some good conversation

Ouch! Burn!

That's certainly a nice incentive

Never had Clamato juice, but I doubt anyone wants it even during a natural disaster

Interesting RPO scheme here from VT

The quote of the day

The best from yesterday:

NCAA could allow all transfers immediate eligibility and eliminate permission to contact, proposal says

Hurricane Irma: Tracking any football schedule changes or cancelations

Kirk Ferentz publicly rebukes Ed Cunningham, says his comments “offensive”

Kevin Sumlin, A&M Board Chair respond to Regent’s comments

Air Force has new alternate lids modeled after actual fighter pilot helmets

Gene Chizik responds to the A&M regent calling for Kevin Sumlin’s firing

Bob Diaco responds to critics about not talking to media after close game: “I’ve never run from anything in my life”

“There are three secrets to winning…”

Tuesday’s One Minute Warm Up