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Wednesday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood flowing:

Kevin Durant took all the words of the haters, combined with his stats from the playoffs, and made them into his shoe insoles to fuel him

The O's and D's flew off Florida's stadium at parts, paving the way for quite the punchline

Well, that's one way to get his attention

Chuck Martin breaks down one of their red zone touchdown's from the weekend

Troy opened their game in the Wishbone Saturday before eventually shifting out of it


Networking advice to keep in mind


The best from yesterday:

Minnesota is wearing alternate helmets on Saturday

Could Humboldt State be playing its final season?

Video: See a different side of Bill Belichick as he takes a trip down memory lane by visiting his old high school

Mike Leach explains how disappointed he was in his offensive line: “If there was a fight to the death, with no rules…”

Memo to players: You never know when your moment’s coming, so stay ready

Video: Jim Mora lets an “S” bomb slip on live TV

Tuesday’s One Minute Warm Up