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Wednesday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

Take a look at this undersized kid pancaking a defensive lineman much larger than him

This is pretty impressive

That is how you take on a puller

The quote of the day

Mike Leach has shared a number of strange tweets, but this may be the weirdest

ICYMI, the US National Team didn't make the World Cup, which means this wasn't exactly a wise investment

Coaches will love this

Interesting look at VT Men's Basketball coach Buzz Williams going through the same injury prevention stuff he has his team do

Interesting read

The best from yesterday:

Gary Andersen throws assistants under the bus in texts to reporter

Taking the temperature of the FBS hiring class of 2015

Let’s talk about that 2 point play

The FootballScoop #SchemeVault

The Top 10 Worst Uniforms in (Modern) College Football History

Mike Leach has all the details ironed out for an expanded college football playoff

Tuesday’s One Minute Warm Up