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Wednesday's One Minute Warm Up

This is Zach pinch-hitting for Doug on today's Warm Up. If you notice today's edition is much worse than usual (or much better!)... that's why.

Let's get things started with some Gronk Being Gronk photos.

I'm betting we have some romeos in our midst who have pulled off something similar.

The Sports Gods took a debit away from Clemson yesterday. I find the #Deflategate boring and the Patriots' victim act nauseating.... but I gotta get me one of those shirts.

The best from yesterday...

In the age of constant quarterback transfers, how Stanford gets their QBs to stay

Re-ranking the longest FBS coaching tenures from 1-to-130: 2017 edition

Bill Belichick had players squatting 80% of their max and going through full padded practices Super Bowl week

Sark leaving Alabama for the NFL

Army fines assistant coach $25,000 for #Wakeyleaks involvement