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Wednesday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

Florida's cleats for this fall have a nice Gator skin touch on them

That time when you accidentally send a scholarship offer to the wrong kid

The quote of the day

Joey Votto was not happy that he got robbed from an out via one of his home fans

Pretty funny video of the biggest guy in college football doing tiny things

The "Man Hands" drill via the Packers

The best from yesterday:

Four SEC coaches took advantage of the new social media rules yesterday, and one took it to a whole new level

Michigan’s iconic helmets have been tweaked a bit for 2016

Why Ohio State is the best program of college football’s modern era (according to the AP)

How a former model broke into the NFL, one $3 Starbucks gift card at a time

Baylor won’t let media speak to assistant coaches this season

The Being Bret Bielema series is coming to ESPNU

A compilation of every preseason conference poll, so we may all point and laugh in December