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Wednesday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

The greatest team of all-time?

Even Pop has to smile at the follow-up question

The Titans OL knows how to have fun at the Preds game

Jeff Fisher was also having a hell of a time

Heck of an NFL pedigree for a Division II program

A feat that will never happen again in sports...

The quote of the day

On the road with Archie McDaniel of SMU..."Bunch of water moccasins in that area..."

The best from yesterday:

Are we sure FBS coaching staffs are really getting too big?

Georgia high schools will have the ability to use private investigators to crack down on athletes transferring

Utah breaks out new uniforms for 2017

As college staff sizes continue to grow, Bill Belichick argues for a smaller staff

College coach issues warning for high school players that transfer “to get recruited”

Tuesday’s One Minute Warm Up