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Wednesday's One Minute Warm Up

Catch up on everything that you may have missed yesterday, and see everything you can look forward to today with Wednesday's One Minute Warm Up.


- So Texas is forming a search committee to replace longtime associate athletic director for football media relations John Bianco. As Gil Brandt points out, this has to be first.

- Remember that "borderline erotic" comment Bret Bielema made? Well it has officially become bulletin board material for Charlie Strong's program.

- Need some new route concept ideas?

A 19-year old kid from Australia solves a Rubiks Cube in less than 6 seconds. - Notre Dame assistant Todd Lyght has NEVER been on Facebook. "My son Logan is really good at keeping me in check when it comes to internet and social media outlets," Lyght joked to "I'm on Twitter, but I've never been on Facebook. My son told me that I'm too old for Snapchat and Instagram, so I'm only on Twitter." - The other day, Northwestern announced that they would charge $10 for "lap infant tickets" for games this fall. That prompted Illinois to respond with this.

The best stuff from yesterday

- UAB announces that they will officially be bringing football back in 2017.

- Art Briles believes that the premier football program in Texas right now is Baylor (just ask anyone between 10-30 years old).

- Charlie Strong explains that 6-7 will never be good enough at the University of Texas.

- You don't have a dominant pass rush unless something like this has happened in a game.

- 9 different coaching opportunities at the Division II and III levels were posted on The Scoop.


A handful of Big 12 coaches will be at ESPN today, following up on their appearances at the conference media days earlier this week.