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Wednesday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping

-This is simply outstanding

-The Hornets had a 90's Nickelodeon night

-The quote of the day

-These types of list seem to come out every year, and they're always worth revisiting and sharing

-Nice graphic here from Wyoming

-For the past season or two Tom Crean had been on the proverbial "hot seat" he's brought Indiana their second outright Big Ten Title in four seasons

The best from yesterday:

Source: Idaho and New Mexico State to leave Sun Belt after 2017

Video: Oregon State players pull prizes out of a hat, and a walk on gets surprised with a scholarship

The Ivy League will no longer tackle in practice during the regular season

DJ Durkin explains why he hired three former head coaches at Maryland: “I want guys that can speak from experience”

Three pieces of advice: Tell the truth, tell the truth, and tell the truth

LSU president backs up Louisiana governor’s threat that LSU football could go away… maybe